Eco Trainer: so much more than just passing your test

Learn to drive - properly

My Ethos

Let me be straight with you. I'm more interested in developing you into a safe driver than getting you through your driving test. Road deaths are the biggest killer of under-25's in this country. So if you just want to "get over the hurdle of the driving test" as quickly and cheaply as possible, go somewhere else- there are plenty of instructors out there who will oblige, and the lack of quality will show through in the end. But if you really want to be prepared to drive well on your own, substantially reducing your risk of being killed or seriously injured on the road, give me a shout.

Here’s a question: when you’re out using the roads, whether as a pedestrian, cyclist, rider or driver, would it be comforting to think that the drivers around you had as little and as cheap training as they could get away with before they got behind the wheel on their own? The answer is obvious. So instead, why not make your aim to learn to drive as well as possible. That way, passing your test won’t be an issue and you’ll be far better prepared to deal with whatever the roads throw at you.

ecotrainer: so much more than just passing your test