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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you work with someone who is absolutely terrified of being thrown in at the deep end and having to deal with traffic?
Don’t worry, Peter will not put you in a situation which is more than you can handle – while he will gently push you to make progress each lesson, you won’t have to drive on roads you’re not ready for. And as a back-up, just in case things don’t go exactly to plan, both cars have dual controls to get you out of trouble!

Does it matter if I haven’t got my Theory Test yet?
It doesn’t matter! You can prepare for your Theory Test while you take practical lessons, and Peter will be happy to help you with any questions you have about the Theory or Hazard Perception Tests.

I haven’t much time outside work or study – could I get a slot to suit?
Peter is flexible and can make himself available in early mornings, evenings and Saturdays if necessary. Just ask and we’ll arrange a time that works for everyone.

Can I pack in a bunch of lessons in a short time but not get too tied in?
ecotrainer offers block booking so that you get the best possible value, especially if you want to get cracking and on the road on your own as soon as possible. But your first lesson comes with no obligations, when we’ll have a chat about how you see yourself progressing and Peter will arrange a programme of lessons you’re happy with.

Why should I not just book with the cheapest instructor out there?
If your training does cost a bit, remember that once you’ve passed your driving test your licence could last you for the rest of your life, so it’s worth investing a few quid with ecotrainer as part of your preparation to drive well! And of course, Peter will recommend that you take your test as soon as you’re ready, so you won’t accrue any unnecessary expense and your driving course will have delivered great value for money.

What happens if I can’t get to Ballymena?
Peter can provide driving tuition not just in Ballymena but to all its surrounding towns, from Cullybackey to Broughshane and from Clough to Kells, so pick-up and drop-off in these areas can be arranged if need be. If you’re further afield and still want to learn with the Ballymena area’s best driving instructor, give us a shout and we’ll arrange lessons to suit you.

My last instructor lost their temper with me and I’m scared to make mistakes! Will you be like that?
Peter will provide you with professional, friendly and patient teaching, so you’ll be able to relax and learn at your own pace with no pressure.

I’ve taken my Driving Test and failed a few times with another instructor – will I ever get it?
Peter will prepare you for your Driving Test in a way that maximises your ability to pass first time. He will teach you not only what to do but why you do it, meaning that when you’re driving on your own, including on Test, you can make the right decisions in dealing with tricky situations

I don’t understand the difference between all the different car types - is that a problem?
You don’t even need to let that cross your mind - Peter will teach you in such a way that you’ll be able to drive almost any automatic car, regardless of fuel type, confidently. Of course, if you’d like to take lessons in your own (fully insured) car, that can be arranged

My son or daughter is learning to drive and their current instructor just drives Test Routes! Is that your policy?
This is hardly good preparation for independent driving! Peter will teach your son or daughter to drive in all kinds of road and traffic conditions, not just where they’re likely to be taken on Test. They will also learn about how careless actions could endanger other road users, thus encouraging them to be more responsible behind the wheel

Do you offer the Pass Plus course?
Unfortunately Pass Plus itself is not available in Northern Ireland, but Peter offers training in all the areas Pass Plus covers, and more. Post Test Development training is available to any new driver on request, and covers areas such as driving at night, motorway driving and all-weather driving. It is designed to develop confidence, concentration, comfort and most of all safety

I’m a qualified driver and need more confidence. Will you treat me like a learner?
Whether you’re an otherwise competent driver who just needs a few tips to help you parallel park first time, or you’ve never sat in the driving seat before, Peter will tailor your lessons to suit perfectly, whatever your level of experience

What’s with the name?
With Peter you will learn, first and foremost, to drive safely. As well as that, though, you will be taught about other aspects of good driving like courtesy, smoothness and particularly economy. This will be woven into the course, but ecotrainer can provide specific tuition in this area, no matter what your driving experience. Choosing and maintaining your vehicle appropriately and driving economically (and only when necessary) will both save you significant amounts of money over time and reduce your impact on the environment